Rich and unique agriculture

Seed production is a part of agriculture that only selected farmers can produce good seeds by preventing the cross-breeding.We are well versed in all aspects of agriculture and machine repairs. We are a real craftsman and highly professional.
It's a shiitake mushroom grown on a special fungus bed we made. The fungus bed is essential to make delicious shiitake mushrooms. You can enjoy the juicy Shiitake whose pileus and gills aren't open.
We have a strong preference for specially cultivated agricultural products in order to grow safe and healthy strawberries.We produce the fruit with organic fertilizer and a pest countermeasure that does not depend on agricultural chemicals.
The figs have a variety of color and they look like a jewelry box. The flavor and the flesh are different depending on the variety. The fig has a profound world.
Since ancient times, this land has been a suitable soil for growing root vegetables. That's why we can produce great radishes that extend straight into the ground.
It's a house-grown cherry made by NAFIC graduates. We grow many kinds fruit trees such as figs and blueberries.
We grow 600 kinds of red peppers including ornamental ones. We also grow Carolina Reaper, also called the god of death which was recognized as the world's hottest red pepper by the Guinness World Records.We challenge to grow insanely spicy red peppers in order to get another Guinness Record.
Freshness is important for corn. Please taste freshly picked. We sow seeds little by little every week from the middle of February. We ship it from middle June to late September and produce 10,000 per season. We recommend especially the breed called "white lady" which has white color and high sugar content.

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