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Rustic Teahouse Chie

This is an old private restaurant located on the hillside of the mountain where you can overlook the Yamato plains. We serve Japanese food in a relocated 150-year-old house. We cook with the rice made by a wood-burning stove and use fresh Yoshino-hon-kuzu that is a starch refined from the roots of the Kuzu plant in Yoshino region. We also provide the tempura with seasonal ingredients such as wild grasses picked in the early morning at nearby mountains. We also have a room with a hearth. Please forget the time in the room where you can relax and enjoy the local foods.

ADD:350 Taie, Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture


Kakinohasushi Yamanobe

We sell the sushi wrapped in persimmon leaves ,which has been handed down since the Edo period as an unique preserved food in Nara surrounded by mountains. We use the rice made in Asuka village and carefully picked persimmon leaves after taking the sun. The colorful persimmon leaf sushi wrapped in red, yellow and green leaves are popular in autumn as a limited edition. We produce with the manufacturing methods passed down by our ancestors and continue to preserve the traditional taste.

ADD:676-2 Yamada, Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture


Le fredonnement ~Sakuramachi Gin~

This is a French restaurant renovated the building of the former Sakurai branch of Kyoto Sogo Bank. A chef who has an active career in the front lines cooks French cuisine with ingredients of Nara. We make vegetables on our farms in Sakurai without using pesticides. Please enjoy our authentic French in the building of retro-modern architecture of the Taisho era.

ADD:951 Sakurai, Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture


L’Auberge de Plaisance Sakurai

This is an auberge (restaurant with accommodation) with nine guest rooms and suites which is located in Sakurai city where the grand history and culture remains. We provide original French cuisine which combines local ingredients with French culinary skills. Please enjoy the new charm of local ingredients through our cooking.

ADD:2217 Taie, Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture


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